The mission critical nature of our work means it has to be done right the first time, every time.

Our business model has been designed specifically to enable us to manage the challenges inherent in turnaround / outage work – intense time pressure; uncertainty around the precise scope of the work until it has begun; and the potentially hazardous operating environment.

Quality Systems

Madison's quality control system is based on the stringent requirements of ISO 9001-2000. While not certified as such, our system is structured and written to meet the letter and spirit of ISO 9001-2000.
Our Quality Control Manual outlines the program throughout the entire construction process in accordance with ASME, NBIC and all applicable standards, through which all Madison personnel are responsible for implementing our Quality Management System. These systems include, but are not limited to: nonconformance, corrective action, design control, document and data control, purchasing, client supplied product and materials, identification and traceability, process control, inspection and testing, material handling and storage and quality records. This system applies to all sites, functions and services Madison operates.

Measures of Quality

Using these systems we assess the quality of our work on three dimensions that are of critical importance to our customers:

  • Completion of the work within the agreed schedule
  • Weld quality
  • Mechanical integrity

Madison is proud of our track record in leading the industry on these metrics.

Certificates of Authorization

Certificates of Authorization;